This fall we will be launching concierge care for a limited number of CWH patients.  Concierge care involves paying a direct monthly or annual fee to selected providers at CWH for their services. Please contact us if you would like more information on this service.

Among the services we may be offering are:

  • Personalized healthcare plans: Customized healthcare plans tailored to your individual needs and goals can encompass preventive strategies, disease management, and ongoing health monitoring.
  • Same-day or next-day appointments: You will receive prompt access to your primary care physician, allowing you to schedule appointments quickly and conveniently.
  • Extended appointment times: We will spend more time with you, allowing for a thorough examination, discussion of concerns, and development of personalized treatment plans.
  • 24/7 direct physician access: One of the key benefits is the ability to contact your physician directly, even outside regular office hours. This may include phone consultations, email communication, or telemedicine appointments, ensuring timely access to medical advice and guidance.
  • Comprehensive preventive care: We will emphasize preventive care and wellness, providing personalized health assessments, screenings, and lifestyle counseling to help you proactively manage your health.
  • Coordination of specialist care: We will take an active role in coordinating care with specialists, referring you to trusted specialists, communicating your medical history, and ensuring seamless collaboration among different healthcare providers.
  • Wellness and lifestyle services: We will offer additional wellness services such as nutrition counseling, fitness assessments, personalized exercise programs, and stress management techniques to help optimize your overall well-being.
  • Care coordination during travel: If you frequently travel or have specific medical needs while away from home, we can provide assistance in arranging medical services, coordinating care in different locations, and ensuring continuity of your healthcare.
  • Advanced diagnostic and testing options: We will provide access to advanced diagnostic tools, including on-site imaging, laboratory testing, and genetic testing. This can lead to quicker diagnosis and more targeted treatment options.