Ask Dr. Angela

Each month Dr. Angela Marshall will answer a question from one of our patients on an issue important to all of our patients.

News to Use

Watch this space for helpful news and hints about your health, trends and what’s going on at Comprehensive Women’s Health.

Do you have feedback on your experience with us?

At Comprehensive Women's Health, we are committed to patient satisfaction. To make sure that this is a reality, we have a survey that you can fill out. (include link) Also, get to know Keisha, our new Patient Satisfaction Manager. She will assist you in making your experience with CWH is positive.

Male Patients

If your loved one is a guy, there is a place for him at CWH. Why? Because we realize that your health and happiness is enhanced when the men in your life are healthy. We have a limited amount of openings for men who have been referred to us by our female patients.

Spotlight on Keisha

We have created a new job: Patient Satisfaction Manager. This position does not exist in many medical practices, but we feel it is an essential element to ensuring we are meeting your medical needs. While the position is new, Keisha has been with CWH since its inception and has a passion for putting our patients at ease and answering any questions that you may have in the process. She is your first point of contact to make sure that you are satisfied with your experience at our practice.