Understanding How It Works

One of the best ways to experience health is through education.  We have three features at our website to help you.

Ask Dr. Angela

Ask Dr. Angela: Why do women suffer more from arthritis than men?

That’s a great question, and the answer is a bit complicated. More than 46 million Americans have arthritis with 60 percent of them being women. White and black women are in the highest risk group with Hispanic women having the lowest risk factors. Genetics do put you at risk for arthritis, but there are lots of other factors going on. For example, the majority of women experience arthritis in our … Read More

Ask Dr. Angela: What do you think is the best way to lose weight?

My answer is simple. Change one thing at a time. Many of my patients struggle with weight. They spend a lot of time and energy in a cycle of gain-loss, gain-loss. Not only is it physically harmful, but it also saps their emotional strength. There is one way I have seen that consistently works. Change one thing at a time. Our conscious brains are not made for multi-tasking. They like … Read More

Ask Dr. Angela: Why do women get so many urinary tract infections?

It’s a simple reason. Anatomy. First let me clarify what a urinary tract infection – also known as a UTI – is all about. More than 50 percent of adult woman have had at least one UTI. They are infections that occur anywhere in the urinary system and can affect the bladder, kidney and the tubes that help in urination – the urethra and ureters. They occur when bacteria that … Read More

Ask Dr. Angela: What are your favorite ways to reduce stress?

Stress is a really big problem among women, and it really does affect your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Here’s five of my favorite ways – and they are all backed by scientific evidence that they work. Meditate. A few minutes a day can help ease anxiety and make your more resilient in stressful situations. Just close your eyes, find a positive phrase to say out loud or silently … Read More

Ask Dr. Angela: What are the symptoms of a heart attack in women?

Women often experience vaguer symptoms than men – not the classic crushing chess pain radiating down one arm. For women, there are six symptoms that are common. You may not get them all, but if you get more than one with chest discomfort call 911. Chest pain or discomfort that may feel like squeezing or fullness anywhere in the chest. It is usually quite uncomfortable – like a vise being … Read More

Ask Dr. Angela: Why do we need to focus on women’s health?

The answer is pretty simple:  Women have unique health issues. Some of them are pretty obvious – pregnancy, menopause and certain cancers like breast and cervical cancer. But another reason is that general health problems affect women differently. Women are more likely to die following a heart attack than men.  That’s often because the signs of having a heart attack are different for women. Women are more likely than men … Read More

Community Lectures

Dr. Angela Marshall and her staff speak to groups on topics relating to women’s health. Please call the office at 301-754-2222 to arrange a presentation. Here is a partial list of topics:

  • Weight Loss Strategies for a Super-Sized Society.

    Highlights U.S. obesity trends over the past ten years as well as the medical complications associated with America’s expanding waistline. Ten effective strategies are introduced to help participants get closer to their goal weight.

  • Screening Guidelines for Women of Every Age.

    Outlines important screening guidelines and preventive interventions recommended for women ages 16 and above.

    Ten Strategies for Better Heart Health.

    Outlines ten easy steps to improving heart health for women.

  • Hormone Replacement. Help or Hype?

    A fact-filled lecture about the symptoms of menopause as well as the risks and benefits to traditional hormone replacement therapy.


These are useful links for you and your families. Please let us know if there are others you find helpful and we will review and share with the rest of the CWH community.

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